reproduction & layering system



感情を転移する DIY のプロセス

身体性に基づく 衣服のレイヤリングシステム

Reimagining used-clothings into everlasting products

The spirit of minimalism

Transferring emotions through DIY process

Layering clothes based on individual physicality


TrAnsference 《トランスファレンス》- deconstruction used clothes  -


Created with the purpose of lasting continual usage, used-clothings transformed into a collection that breaks the excesses and deficiencies that become uncomfortable in the modern day-to-day life.


T/f 《ティーエフ 》

古着を再生させたTrAnsferenceの衣服をトレースし、ecwaxから着想を得た『 身体性に基づく衣服のレイヤリングシステム 』と伴い、情緒的感覚と共に自在な重ね着を可能としたプロダクト。

Tracing the clothes of TrAnsference, a collection that transformed used clothings, together with the ecwax inspired “body-based clothes layering system”, we have created a product that allows you to layer freely to your heart content